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Mini Mate Accessories

*All prices listed are valid with the purchase of a new Mini Mate Camper.


Awning Package  ($300)

5' x 7' Awning with poles,

ropes, and stakes

Swivel Heim Coupler

Swivel Coupler  ($200)

Allows 360 swivel of the trailer

without affecting the motorcycle.

DSC_0129 zoom43.jpg

Awning+Add-a-Room Package ($900)

Awning package with sidewalls to create a private lounge/changing room

Mini Mate Motorcycle Camper Fender Lightbar Package

Fender Lightbar Package ($300)

Fender flares and rear bumper with additional marker lights

Mini Mate Motorcycle Camper Storage Cover

Camper Cover  ($85)

Water repellent, urethane-coated material. Custom made to fit Mini Mate. 



Decal Graphics ($100)



Spare Tire & Wheel w/ mount ($60)

Adjustable Cooler Bracket ($50)


Mini Mate Motorcycle Camper Table Stands

Table Stands  ($25)


Interior Rechargable LED Lights

Interior LED Lights - 3 pack ($50)


Interior Bedside Storage Bag

Bedside Storage Bag ($25)


Coupler Handle

Coupler Handle ($25)


Awning Setup Video

Add-a-Room Setup Video

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