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Add-a-Room Awning Sidewalls for Mini Mate Camper

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The Add-a-Room (AAR) awning sidewalls attach to your existing awning on the Mini Mate Camper and encloses the awning space as well as the space underneath of your lid/bed area when set up. The AAR has a zipper door entrance on one side and two windows with screens. The sidewalls are made of a 6.25 oz per square yard, Acrylic Coated polyester, UV resistant, Marine fabric. AAR comes complete with sidewalls and 12 stakes. This kit does not include the awning package. The AAR is designed for additional privacy space for changing and staying out of the weather. It is not a sealed bug/insect-proof area.

Note: Due to changes in materials throughout the years, the AAR canvas material may not match your tent and awning material exactly.

Fitment Requirements:

Your camper lid must flip to the right when standing at the rear door. The AAR fits and attaches to your awning with a velcro strip on the inside flap of the awning. Your awning must have the loop side velcro already installed, for the AAR sidewalls to attach and fit. If you do not have a velcro strip already installed on your awning, you can have it installed by your local upholstery shop. If you do not have an awning package, you can purchase it here.

Installation Instructions:

1. Set up the Mini Mate Camper and Awning Package.
2. Starting at the peak of the awning, attach the velcro of the first sidewall panel on the velcro attached to the inside awning flap.
3. Attach the second sidewall panel to the first panel with the attached zipper. Attach the velcro along the remainder of the inside awning flap.
4. Lift the drip edge skirt of the camper tent all around the lid portion. Attach the sidewall along the lid by sliding the plastic hooks over the edge of the lid all the way around. Attach the final hook on the camper body edge.
5. Clip the 3 hooks with bungee straps to the edge trim of the tent to pull the sidewalls tight.
6. Install the 12 stakes through the grommets all around the bottom edge of the

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