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New Mini Mate Graphics Kit

Our all-new decal graphic kit is sure to make a statement as it adds personalization and style to your camper.



New Tent Colors for the Mini Mate Camper

The Mini Mate Camper has received an all-new and updated look for 2023! Our tent, awning, and Add-a-Room are now available with our Silver-Grey / Charcoal color scheme that blends a simple and modern look for the years to come. Check out the photos below or click a picture to start pricing out a new unit.


DSC_0093 centered.jpg
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Silver-Grey/Charcoal Tent

Tent with Awning Package

Awning & Add-a-Room Package

8" Alloy Wheels

We are excited to offer an 8" alloy wheel for our Mini Mate Camper and Clipper Cargo trailers. The 5-star aluminum wheels are the first 8" alloy wheel ever offered and adds style and durability to your trailer.

Purchase the alloy wheels on our online store.

8 alloy installed 2.png

New Table Stand Option

Our new table stand option allows you to form a table inside of the Mini Mate Camper. Made of a durable Polywood material, these stands will never rot or rust. Watch our video to see how simple it is to set up and use the table stands.

Purchase the stands on our online store.

Mini Mate Camper with Fender Lightbar Option

Fender Lightbar Package

Mini Mate Deluxe Package

The Mini Mate Camper Deluxe package includes some of our most popular accessories. The Deluxe comes standard with the Fender Lightbar Package, the Awning Package, and the Add-a-Room awning sidewalls.


Add-a-Room option for Mini Mate Camper

Awning & Add-a-Room Package

See just how fast the Mini Mate can be set up as I race the clock for a new world record time!

Spyder towing Mini Mate Camper
Mini Mate Camper EZ Lube Spindles

EZ Lube Spindles


The Mini Mate Camper now comes standard with EZ lube spindles.  The new spindles come with a grease zerk, which allows for easier lubrication of the wheel hub bearings.

Mini Mate Camper EZ Lube Spindles
Mini Mate Camper with Awning and Add-a-Room Packages

The highly anticipated Add-a-Room option for our popular Mini Mate Camper is now Available! The Add-a-Room sidewalls enclose the awning area to create a spacious privacy lounge and changing room.

Mini Mate Add-a-Room

Instructional Set-up Video

"The Big Leaders in Small Trailers"

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