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4.80 X 8" Aluminum Alloy Tire & Wheel

Product Details

We are excited to offer an 8" Aluminum alloy wheel for our Mini Mate Camper and Clipper Cargo trailers. The 5-star aluminum wheels are the first 8" alloy wheels ever offered and add style and durability to your trailer. Listing is for one (1) 4.80 x 8" Alloy Tire and wheel assembly with 5 chrome lug nuts. Wheels are 5 on 4.5 lug pattern with a hub center hole diameter of 2.5". Please verify your trailer's lug pattern and hub center hole prior to ordering. Please note that the valve stem is located on the inside of the rim to maintain the look of the wheel assembly.

*Tires and wheel brands subject to change without notice. Please call for current inventory.

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