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Updated: Mar 21

Having trouble deciding which accessories you want with your Mini Mate Camper? Curious as to what other customers are ordering? This blog will give descriptive insights on each accessory as well as show some stats on what accessories others are including with their orders.

1. Standard vs. Fenders vs. Fender Lightbar

The Mini Mate Camper is built in 3 styles: Standard, Fenders Only, and Fender Lightbar. A standard camper comes without any fenders or additional lightbar towards the bottom of the trailer. While the center of the wheel is covered by the wheel well, fenders can add additional coverage and protection for dirt and debris kicked up. The fenders option gives you that added protection as well as adds a nice look to your camper. If you are looking for that added protection on a budget, this may be a good option for you. The fender lightbar package is our deluxe package that gives you flair and function. The lightbar features a bumper wrap around with 5 marker lights (running lights on all the time) and integrated fenders. The bumper also hides the rear jack stands when in the travel position. The fender lightbar is the only option that must be added during the camper build and cannot be added at a later time. All other accessories can be added later. Take a look at the images below (standard; fenders; fender lightbar) and see what others are ordering:

The awning is consistently our best selling accessory year after year with 90% of our orders including this option. The awning package comes with a 5' x 7' awning with poles, ropes, and stakes and weighs just 8 lbs. It easily zips onto your tent canvas and can even remain attached and packed with the tent for travel. The 5' x 7' size exactly doubles your coverage area, as the open camper has the same footprint dimensions. You can watch a detailed setup video of the awning package by clicking here.

The Add-a-Room (AAR) package is a highly anticipated option that was released in 2017. After many many requests to have this added as an option, we have given the customers what they want! The AAR attaches to the inside of the awning via velcro and continues all the way around the camper to include an enclosed storage area underneath the lid. The AAR encloses the awning section to provide a comfortable changing room or lounge area which can be very handy during inclement weather or even when you just want to escape the sun. Built with the same material as the tent, the AAR was made to last. It weighs just 10 lbs. and takes up less than 1 cubic ft of your available 15 cf of storage. You can read more about the AAR option on our dedicated blog post, or watch a setup video here.

3. Other Accessories

Swivel Coupler - A swivel coupler is primarily a safety device that allows 360-degree rotation of the trailer while minimizing its effect on your motorcycle. A swivel will help keep your bike upright in the event that your motorcycle trailer tips on its side, or save you damage to your trailer tongue or bike hitch in the event that you drop your bike in a parking lot. There's a lot more to learn about swivel couplers, so you can read our dedicated blog post about them here.

8" Alloy Wheels - We are very excited to now offer an 8" alloy wheel for our Mini Mate Campers. The 5-star aluminum wheels are the first 8" alloy wheel ever offered and adds style and durability to your trailer.

Decal Graphics - Our new decal graphics option adds style and appeal to the look of your camper. This includes left and right side body graphics and logos.

Camper Cover - The camper cover is perfect for protecting your investment while in storage. Our camper cover is custom made for the Mini Mate Camper, so it fits perfectly over the camper body and stays secure with an elastic hemmed bottom. The cover is made from a durable water repellent, urethane coated material.

Cooler Bracket - The cooler bracket is a universal bracket designed to fit any size cooler up to 30 quarts. The brackets are powder coated and easily mount with square U bolts to adjust in size. No drilling is required. You can watch an installation video here.

Spare - A spare tire can certainly save the day when a problem arises. The 480x8 spare tire and wheel can be mounted on the underside of the tongue or simply placed in the 15 cubic feet storage area inside the camper.

Interior LED Lights - The 3 Pack of LED lights have magnetic backs so you can attach them to any of the interior bows to add interior lighting to your camper. The lights feature 24 LED diodes, are fully rechargeable, and can be set for an automatic motion sensor.

Table Stands - The table stands allow you to create a bench and table inside of your Mini Mate Camper. Made of a durable polywood material, these stands will never rot or rust. You can watch a tutorial on the setup and use of the table stands here.

Bedside Storage Bag - The bedside storage bag gives you a convenient way to keep all of your items organized and easy to access while camping with your Mini Mate Camper. The adjustable velcro straps allow you to secure it on the Mini Mate tent bows.

Coupler Handle - The coupler handle allows for easier lifting and maneuvering of your trailer. The handle attaches to your coupler or to the tongue (if a swivel coupler is installed) with no extra hardware needed.

Ball Coupler Lock - This lock secures the ball coupler and ensures that the trailer cannot be removed from your vehicle or hooked up to another. This lock is only needed on the ball couplers as it is included with the swivel heim coupler option.

Chrome Light Bezels - The chrome light bezels add some extra chrome trim to the outside of the 4 LED taillights of the camper.

4. Factory Pick Up vs. Crating/Shipping

You may think that this option is simply relative to your location from Myerstown, PA where our trailers are manufactured, but that's not always the case. We have shipped trailers as close as Ohio and have had customers come to pick up at our facility from Alaska and California. When picking up at our location, your trailer will be completely assembled and ready to tow or load on your truck/trailer. If you are not interested in making the trip to visit us and experiencing the beauty of central Pennsylvania (and Amish Country, USA!) we offer crating and shipping to any location in the continental United States starting at just $300. When choosing this option, you will have to uncrate the camper and install the wheels, tongue, and coupler on your trailer. You can watch a video of the uncrating and setup procedure here.

We hope that this article has helped you understand more about the available accessories offered for the Mini Mate Camper and given you insights into what others are choosing to add to their order. Ultimately it's whatever suits your camping style best, but we hope to serve you and provide you with a great buying and camping experience in the near future! Price out a camper or place your order below:

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