Motorcycle Swivel Hitch Heim Coupler

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Our swivel hitch heim coupler has revolutionized motorcycle towing safety and performance. The swivel heim coupler allows pivoting beyond a normal coupler rotation for improved safety when towing with a motorcycle. This complete kit includes the swivel heim, hitch post, and hitch post lock. The swivel heim mounts into the trailer tongue and the hitch post (3/4" stud) mounts in place of the ball on the motorcycle hitch. This swivel is made of high-quality materials including an aluminum block housing, high tensile stress-proof steel shaft, and stainless steel hitch post.

FITMENT REQUIREMENTS: The swivel coupler will fit all Kompact Kamp Trailers as well as any trailer with a 2" x 2", 11 gauge tongue with an inside dimension of 1-3/4". The swivel bolt mounting holes should be 2-1/4" apart in the tongue. Read more about the use of a swivel on our blog article here.

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Installation Instructions:

1. Remove the coupler from the tongue. File the inside of the tubing to make sure there are no burs, especially near the mounting holes.

2. Positioned with the wire cutout towards the bottom, slide the swivel heim into the square tongue tubing until the mounting holes align.

3. Reinstall the bolts through the tongue, swivel coupler, and safety chains. Install the lock washers and nuts, and torque to 30 ft. lbs.

4. Thread the swivel heim all the way in hand tight to the swivel block and then back off 1 turn. The swivel heim comes pre-greased.You can add automotive bearing grease as needed.

5. Install the swivel hitch post onto your motorcycle hitch in place of the ball. Install the lock washer and nut, and torque to 160 ft. lbs.

6. Slide the swivel heim onto the swivel hitch post. Install the hitch post lock using the supplied keys.

7. Enjoy the ride with peace of mind!

WARNING: This product is intended for motorcycle towing of approved, lightweight, properly loaded, motorcycle trailers only. Do not exceed 60 lbs. tongue weight or 600 lbs. GVWR.

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