Body Axle Risers for Mini Mate Camper

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Risers made to fit between the Mini Mate Camper body and the axle. Installing these riser spacers will raise the body by 1", which can help add clearance for dropping the jack stands for leveling. Made of a durable poly-wood material, these stands will never rot or rust. This kit comes with 2 risers and 4 longer (3") axle bolts. New Mini Mate Campers already have these risers installed. Riser bolt hole centers are 7 3/4" apart. Installing these risers will NOT allow for a larger wheel to be installed. Only a 4.80x8 tire and wheel should be used on the Mini Mate Camper.

To install, raise the camper to the highest position on the jack stands. Remove the axle nuts, lock washers, and washers. Drop the axle and remove the 4 existing axle bolts and washers. Install the new longer bolts with existing washers. Move the axle back in place with the riser in between the fiberglass body and the axle mounting plates and secure with existing washers, lock washers, and nuts. Torque axle nuts to 60 ft. lbs.

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