Portable Power Box

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This portable power box is the perfect companion for off-the-grid camping. Use this box to charge up all your devices, run a fan, pump up a tire, or charge your bike battery. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! A 12Ah Amped lithium battery and lithium charger are included.

This box features:
  • 12Ah Amped lithium battery and lithium charger
  • USB/Voltmeter - This socket features a USB-C port, a USB 3.0, and a voltmeter to keep track of your battery.
  • 12v Socket - The "Cig Lighter Socket" offers the user the ability to run a wide variety of 12v accessories.
  • Two 12v Lights - Upgraded one-piece Polycarbonate light.
  • SAE port - With the SAE port you can charge the battery or use the supplied pigtails to run your electronics.
  • Velcro to secure your battery
  • Black Stainless Steel hardware
  • Two SAE Pigtails You can use these pigtails to connect 12v accessories or your battery charger to the SAE port.

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