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What to consider when purchasing a motorcycle camper

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Top 5 things to consider when buying a motorcycle camper

Motorcycle camping is one of the most enjoyable ways to tour the country and experience new locations and cultures. However, at some point the idea of packing all of your gear on your bike and sleeping on the ground starts to lose some of its appeal. Luckily, motorcycle campers have become a great alternative to tent camping, and choosing the right one can greatly increase the comfort and enjoyment of the motorcycle camping experience. Below are 5 important things to consider when searching for a new motorcycle camper.



  1. Towing Weight and Size

  2. Construction

  3. Setup: Ease and Quickness

  4. Space: Bed Size and Storage Area

  5. Price

Towing Weight and Size:

One of the most critical factors of a motorcycle trailer is its overall towing weight and size. With large touring bikes, a trailer makes a minimal effect on a motorcycle, but of course it does effect it in some ways. Keeping the weight and size of a trailer to a minimum, will lessen the effect that it has on handling, pull out speed, and braking distance. We hear time after time that customers forget that they are even towing the Mini Mate Camper due to its ultra-low weight (260lbs.) and 60” x 40” body size. The full fiberglass body and lid design keeps the weight of the Mini Mate Camper low while giving it the strength it needs to endure many years and miles of towing.


Considering how your camper is made is another important factor when purchasing. The design and materials of a trailer will ultimately determine the lifespan and reliability of your trailer. Building a trailer out of plywood with an appealing cosmetic aluminum skin is probably one of the most common techniques, however, it can be susceptible to rot, damages easily, and is heavier than other types of construction. Aluminum construction allows for low weight and resistance to rust or rot, but it can be expensive to build, raising the price of the camper. Fiberglass molded construction maintains a low overall weight while providing strength and reliability. The molding process makes for a quicker construction, which makes it less expensive to build. Some campers utilize a fiberglass body but use a tonneau cover top, while the Mini Mate Camper has a complete fiberglass body and lid design allow gear to be stored on the lid if necessary.


Having a camper that sets up quickly and easily can make life a lot easier while you are enjoying your motorcycle adventure. A camper that can be set up in a couple minutes rather than 10-15, is a huge benefit when you are trying to set up quickly before a rain storm, or worse yet, IN a rainstorm! The steps and ease of setup also should be considered especially if you are travelling alone and don’t have an extra set of hands to help you with the setup process. The Mini Mate Camper can be setup in just 2 minutes by a single person, giving it a big advantage over most of the competition.


It is important that you have enough room, both for yourself and for your gear, when determining which trailer to purchase. Look for a camper with an adequate bed size, standing room, and storage area for your gear. The Mini Mate Camper has a 4.5’ x 6.5’ bed size, 6’ 4” of head room in the drop floor section, and a large 15 cubic foot storage area underneath the bed that can be accessed through the rear door without setting up the camper. Furthermore, the Mini Mate has an optional 5’ x 7’ awning and add-a-room side curtains that offer additional space for changing and lounging.


The final price of a camper is more important to some than to others, but it should still be a consideration when purchasing. Ultimately, you want to get the best “bang for your buck,” so finding a camper that meets all your needs at a reasonable price should be important. The Mini Mate Camper is very reasonably priced, being offered for hundreds or even thousands less than other models in the motorcycle camping industry!

Watch how easily the Mini Mate sets up:

Purchase a Mini Mate Camper on our online store, or find more information on our website:

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