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Mini Mate Add-a-Room

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

For decades, the Kompact Kamp Mini Mate motorcycle camper has been a leader in the motorcycle camping industry. The combination of quick and easy set up, lightweight design, and low cost, have made it the perfect fit for thousands of motorcycle touring enthusiasts. While it's compact size and low weight make it effortless to tow behind a bike, it also restricts the overall setup space. This has been one of the only draw backs of the Mini Mate camper, but that has all changed with the release of the Add-a-Room awning sidewalls. In February 2017, Kompact Kamp released this highly anticipated option, and it has proven to be a must have addition for serious motorcycle campers. The add-a-Room attaches the Awning option of the Mini Mate Camper and encloses the 5'x7' awning space as well as the area underneath of the bed/lid of the camper. This added coverage makes for a perfect changing room or lounge area if the weather is sub par. The additional coverage underneath the bed creates a protected storage are for gear that you don't want to keep inside of the bed area when set up. The simple velcro and J hook attachments for the Add-a-Room makes for an easy and quick set up to create the needed extra living space. Watch the video below for an instructional tutorial on how to properly set up the AAR.

To purchase an Add-a-Room or Mini Mate Camper, visit our online store or find more information on our website at

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