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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

We commonly get asked the question, "Can my bike tow the Mini Mate Camper?". While virtually any bike CAN tow our camper, that doesn't mean that it is recommended. Ultimately, it's important to only tow what you feel is comfortable and safe, but this article will outline some important things to consider when determining if you should be towing a camper with your current bike. The more you follow these guidelines, the less impact the camper will have on your riding.

Top considerations for towing a camper:

1. Pulling Power

2. Braking Power

3. Bike to Camper Weight Ratio

4. Hitch Availability

1. Pulling power

While this is generally the first question customers ask, it's actually one of the least important. At only 260 lbs empty, and 25 lbs of tongue weight, the Mini Mate Camper can technically be pulled by a scooter. However, to quickly and efficiently pull out from a stop, and ascend mountains, we generally recommend a bike 900 cc's (or 55 cu in) or greater.

2. Braking Power

While towing any trailer, it is necessary to allow for additional room for emergency braking. Braking power should be your top priority when determining what bike to tow a camper with. It is suggested that your bike have dual front disc brakes to supply the necessary braking power for a safe stopping distance. If your bike is not equipped with dual front brakes, it will be necessary to allow for even more room when braking with your camper.

3. Bike to Camper Weight Ratio

The ratio between your bike weight and your trailer weight is another important consideration for stopping distance. A good rule of thumb is to keep your tow load (total trailer weight with all luggage) to 50% or less of your motorcycle weight. For the Mini Mate Camper, we would recommend a bike that is 600 lbs or more. As your trailer-to-motorcycle weight ratio increases, so does the effect that the trailer will have on all aspects of your riding.

4. Hitch Availability

The last thing to consider is the availability of a hitch for your motorcycle. Hitch manufacturers generally only supply hitches for motorcycles that are able to tow trailers. If you cannot find a hitch manufactured for your specific bike, it may not be sufficient for towing. Hitch weight rating is another important consideration. Most motorcycle hitches are rated at 40 lbs max tongue weight, which means that you should never tow a trailer that would exceed a total weight of 400 lbs.

Suggested motorcycle specs for pulling a Mini Mate Camper:

900 cc's or larger, dual front disc brakes, and 600 lbs or heavier.

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