Wiring Code: White - ground, Brown - running/tail lights, Red - stop lights, Yellow - left turn, Green - right turn.
Recommended Tire Pressure: 40-45 psi.
Wheel Torque: 50 ft. lbs.
Axle Nut Torque: 40 ft. lbs.
Tounge and Coupler Nut Torque: 30 ft. lbs.
​Recommended Tongue Weight: Approximately 10% of Gross Vehicle Weight.
   (ex. GVW=300#; thus 30# Tongue Weight)
When towing, allow extra time for acceleration, passing, braking, lane changing, etc.
Check wheel bearings for proper lube and adjustment annually.
Check all nuts and bolts after 100 miles, and thereafter every 500 miles.
Check tail lights at each fuel and rest stop.

*All Trailer specifications are approximate


Q: Do your trailers come in any other colors other than white and black?
A: No. We use a gel coat finish, that is a stronger, thicker, more durable finish than regular paint.
Q: Can I paint my trailer?
A: Yes, gel coat can easily be sanded, primed, and painted to color match your bike.
Q: Does my trailer come with a VIN? 
A: Yes. Our trailers come with a standard 17 digit VIN located on the front left underside of the trailer and also includes a Certificate of Origin.  Certificate of Origins CANNOT be reissued if lost. Please register your trailer asap.
Q: Does my trailer require assembly when shipped?
A: Yes. You will have to install the tongue, center caps, and wheels.

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