Mini Mate Camper with Fender Lightbar Option

Fender Lightbar Package

Mini Mate Deluxe Package

New for 2019! The Mini Mate Camper Deluxe package includes some of our most popular accessories and saves you $200. The Deluxe comes standard with the Fender Lightbar Package, the Awning Package, and the Add-a-Room awning sidewalls. $200 off sale ends 4/30/2019.


Add-a-Room for Mini Mate Camper

Awning & Add-a-Room Package

Mini Mate Camper - Blem A

This Mini Mate Camper has a small section of resin bleed through to the surface at the left rear corner of the body. This blemish spot is approximately 3"x3" in size. Although this spot looks like cracking, it is strictly a cosmetic gel coat finish imperfection. There is absolutely no fiberglass cracking. The lid also has various dull spots that cannot be seen in a picture. Please click the photo below to enlarge and scroll through the other available photos. 

Blem A Body
Blem A Body

Blem A Body zoomed
Blem A Body zoomed

Blem A Body zoomed 2x
Blem A Body zoomed 2x

Blem A Body
Blem A Body


Retail: $2995.  Sale Price: $2895 + 20% off applicable accessories

Motorcycle pull behind trailer sale

Open Pet Trailer Prototype

47" x 23" Box Size

160 lbs. 12" Wheels

Windshield, Tonneau Cover

Removable Rear Panel Door for easier entry access.

MSRP: $1995

Discount Price: $1495

motorcycle trailer discounted sale

No specials currently available

Kompact Kamp Mini Mate motorcycle camper Discounted display model

NEW 2016 Mini Mate Camper Display Model.

Displayed at various bike shows and rallies.

4 small scratches on the lid, approximately 1/4" and 1 scratch on body.

MSRP: $2995

Discount Price: SOLD

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Small scratches on lid and body

Stock Photo


Kompact Kamp Mini Mate motorcycle camper Discounted display model

NEW 2018 Mini Mate Camper

Blemish Model

Small blemish spots on lid. Gel coat finish has small 1/4"-1/2" round bubbles on lid.

MSRP: $2995

Discount Price: $2895 + 20% OFF any applicable accessories with purchase.